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Angličtina a reálie anglicky mluvících zemí pro maturanty

Tuto stránku založil a průběžně dotváří Filip Pýcha, učitel angličtiny. Stránka služila jako zdroj materiálů do semináře, který jsem vedl na na gymnáziu.

English Language and Facts about the English Speaking Countries for Secondary School Final Exam

This site has been made by Filip Pycha, an English teacher, for students getting ready for their final exam in English. You can find study materials for my seminar here.

Interesting links

a) The United Kingdom
b) Weather, seasons of the year
c) Articles, geographical terms and names

a) London
b) My hometown
c) Prepositions

a) The Irish Republic
b) Music in my life
c) Present and past (both simple and continuous)

a) The United States of America
b) Postal services, phone calls
c) Present perfect and past perfect

a) New York and other cities of the USA
b) Shopping, money, banks, business
c) Adjectives and adverbs

a) Canada
b) Sport in my life
c) Gerund and infinitive

a) Australia and New Zealand
b) Travelling, holidays of my dreams, transport
c) Phonetics, spelling rules, stress

a) Other English speaking countries
b) Learning foreign languages, importance of English, its history and varieties
c) Idiomatic expressions

a) My country, its geography and history
b) The city or the country?, my house, flat, my ideal home
c) Style, language registers

a) Hisory of the UK before 1700
b) Family, relatives and ancestors
c) Numerals

a) History of the UK after 1700
b) Jobs
c) Phrasal verbs, collocation

a) History of the USA
b) Inventions, discoveries, science and technology
c) Passive voice

a) School, system of education
b) Daily programme of me and my family
c) Pronouns

a) Political system of the UK
b) Crime and law
c) Modal verbs

a) Political system of the USA
b) Mass-media and their influence
c) Abbreviations

a) The European Union, other important international organizations, charities
b) Current news, problems of our world, problems of young people
c) Conditionals, wish clause

a) Religion
b) Holidays, traditions and customs (UK, USA, your country)
c) Grammar revision

a) National stereotypes, racial prejudices
b) Eating habits in the English speaking countries and your country
c) Nouns

a) Environment, nature, wildlife, animals and pets
b) Body, organs seeing the doctor, how to live a healthy way
c) Conjunctions and linking words

a) Old legends, fairy tales, fables
b) My friends, my ideal partner
c) Grammar revision

a) British literature till 19th century
b) Fashion in my life
c) Reported speech

a) Brtish literature after 19th century
b) Libraries, books in my life, my favourite writer, important writers of your country
c) Relative clauses, questions

a) William Shakespeare
b) My autobiography, CV, my future plans
c) Various ways of expressing future

a) American literature till 20th century
b) People who influenced my life, famous personalities
c) Word formation processes, suffixes, prefixes

a) Modern American literature
b) Entertainment, the cinema, the theatre, museums, collecting things
c) Grammar revision