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Arbor Day basic information

Sounds of Animals

Bees buzz; they go bzzz.
Birds chirp; they go tweet tweet.
Cats mew; they go meow.
Chicks go cheep cheep(br)/ peep peep(am).
Cows low; they go moo.
Crows caw.
Cuckoos go cuckoo.
Dogs bark; they go bow wow or arf or woof.
Donkeys bray; they go hee-haw.
Doves coo.
Ducks quack; they go quack quack.
Frogs croak; they go ribbit.
Geese honk.
Hens cackle and cluck.
Horses neigh or whinney.
Hyenas laugh.
Lions roar.
Mice squeak.
Owls hoot; they go tu-whit, tu-whoo (br)/go hoo (am).
Pigs grunt; they go oink oink.
Roosters crow; they go cock-a-doodle-doo.
Sheep and goats bleat; they go baaah.
Turkeys go gobble gobble.
Wolves howl.