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My Hometown
Cohoes Middle School has been working on a project entitled "My Hometown." It is there that students have developed a commercial about the history of Cohoes, based on information they've gathered over the past month. Now, it's time for the final stage.

Teacher Sue Dion said, "The students are doing their final copy of their script, we're editing that and submitting that to the Travel Channel on Friday."

The Travel Channel has encouraged middle schools across the country to participate in "My Hometown," as it not only promotes education, but also a sense of teamwork -- something these students have shared since the project's beginning. They've also gathered a lot of information on Cohoes. They found this can be a challenge when producing the commercial.

Elaine Briceland of Cohoes Middle School said, "The kids were having a hard time figuring out how to get everything into their 30-second time frame, and kept practicing and practicing and looking at their watch. So they realized how much effort really goes into a commercial now."

And that effort includes everything from drafting a storyboard to rehearsing the scene to actually shooting the commercial. One student was even inspired to write his own rap song called "My Hometown." Others shared what they thought of the whole experience.

Seventh grader Kelly Cooney said, "The hard part was getting my team to work in the correct way it's supposed to. And the easy part was getting to learn a lot more about Cohoes."

Seventh grader Khalil Rasoul said, "I think the project is fun, and it has a lot of interesting stuff that I didn't know about Cohoes."

The City of Cohoes has a rich history and Cohoes Middle School hopes to send that message out to other students across the country.

And while having their school on the Travel Channel would be a definite plus, teachers have realized that, along with the students, they've already benefited from the experience.

"I've lived in the community 25 years, taught here for 29 years, and I've learned so much from it. Myself, and certainly the children have, it's a valuable experience that, like I said, we do want to do again next year," Dion said.

Something that can help another group of students understand what it means to say "my hometown."

Watch the video: