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at/on/in (time)

We use:
-at for the time of day (at 6 o´clock, at midnight, at the weekend)
"They arrived at 6 o´clock."
"I hope the weather will be nice at the weekend."
-on for days and dates (on Saturday, on 21 March 1979, on Christmas Day)
"I´ll see you on Saturday."
"I have been invented to a wedding on 14 September."
-in for longer periods (in September, in winter, in 2001)
"I was born in Espoo in 1979."
"We usually have a holiday in the summer."
We do not use at/on/in before last/next/this/every
"I´ll see you next Friday"
Not "I´ll see you on next Friday"

at/on/in (place)
in a room, in a box, in a city
"There is no one in the room."
"We spent a few days in Italy."

at the bus stop, at the door, at the end of the street
"Who is that man standing at the bus stop?"
"Write your name at the top of the page."

on the floor, on the bottle
"I sat on the floor."
"There is a label on the bottle."

We normally use in with cities, towns and villages.
"I live in Espoo."
But you can use at or in when you think of the place as a point or station on a journey.
"This train stops at (or in) Tampere."
Choose the correct preposition: in, or at.

1- He's ____ hospital, having a heart operation.
2- Our seats are ____ the front row.
3- They want to ban smoking ____ public places completely.
4- The shop's _____ High Street.
5- I left it ____ the classroom.
6- The market's ____ front of the old cinema.
7- She is _____ the front of the queue.
8- Their house is ____ the end of the road.
9- The concert was very full and we had to stand ____ the back of the auditorium.
10- He should be ____ work by now.
11- I spent the morning reading ____ my garden.
12- The children were ____ the playground.

Prepositions of Time- In On At
Choose the correct answer
1- I saw her ___ Xmas.
2- I saw her ___ Xmas day.
3- I was born ___ July.
4- It happened ___ 2001.
5- He started work ___ Monday.
6- She often goes out ___ night.
7- She often goes out ___ Friday night.
8- It rains a lot ___ Spring.
9- I get up ___ 7am.
10- The lessons are ____ the afternoon.
11- I'll do it ____ the weekend
12- It was popular ____ the 1980s.
13- The party is ____ next week.
14- It happened ____ the week that my daughter was born.
15- The class is ____ Tuesdays and Thursdays.
16- It was popular ____ the twentieth century.

Prepositions- Time
Choose the correct preposition
Q1 - My birthday's ...... May
in on at
Q2 - She'll be away ...... next week
since at until
Q3 - The exam is ...... the tenth of December
in on at
Q4 - I always have dinner with my family ..... Christmas Day
in at on
Q5 - In Spain, they give each other presents ..... Christmas Eve
in on at
Q6 - The lecture finished ..... five thirty
at on in
Q7 - I hate it when people telephone ......... I'm having dinner
during while for
Q8 - I like to go to a party ....... New Year's Eve
in on at
Q9 - The term is from September ...... December
at for to
Q10 - He hasn't worked ....... he lost his job
since for by
Q11 - The car won't be ready ..... Friday
until in since
Q12 - You must see Paris ..... the Spring
in on at
Q13 - He doesn't start work until late .... the afternoon
on in at
Q14 - Snow generally falls ..... February
in on at
Q15 - People give chocolate eggs as presents ...... Easter
on in at
Q16 - Did I miss anything ........ I was on the phone?
while during for
Q17 - I have lessons .... Mondays and Wednesdays
in on at
Q18 - He didn't do the work ...... his boss got angry
since for until
Q19 - She was off work ...... a fortnight
for at in
Q20 - Nobody spoke ...... the film
during since on
Q21 - It's always colder ....... November than September
on in at
Q22 - Their first child was born ..... the spring
on at in
Q23 - I've known him ....... a long time
since for at
Q24 - People celebrate Guy Fawkes' Night ..... the fifth of November
on in at
Q25 - They'll deliver .......... two weeks
at within by
Q26 - I'll see you ..... ten o' clock
at on in
Q27 - She died ..... 1993
on in at
Q28 - We made lots of friends .......... we were in Mexico
during while since
Q29 - It gets very cold ..... winter
on at in
Q30 - She was born ..... 1985
at on in
Q31 - In England they say .... the weekend
on at in
Q32 - In America they say..... the weekend
at on in
Q33 - Her birthday's ..... June
in on at
Q34 - I'll be seeing them ...... a month's time
on in at
Q35 - I leave home very early ..... the morning
on at in
Q36 - We left ..... Monday
at on for
Q37 - He's been with the company ........ the summer
since for at
Q38 - She's going on holiday ...... Xmas
in at on
Q39 - The Black Death occurred ..... the Middle Ages
in on at
Q40 - I'll be working ...... the summer holidays
on during while
Q41 - Leaves fall ..... Autumn
on at in
Q42 - She was Prime Minister ....... ten years
in for since
Q43 - The law was changed ..... the nineteenth century
in on at
Q44 - He'll be here ..... a moment
in on at
Q45 - Term finishes ..... a Thursday for some reason
at in on
Q46 - Their wedding is .... the eleventh of July
in on at
Q47 - I worked there ....... five years
since for in
Q48 - I haven't seen her ........ April
since for during
Q49 - The film starts ........ eight o' clock
in on at
Q50 - Mayday is celebrated .... May the first
in on at
Q51 - Please keep quiet ......... the performance
during by in
Q52 - The contract is from July ...... December
at for until
Q53 - The film will be ready ..... two hours
for at in
Q54 - The plane left ....... time
on at to
Q55 - I began to feel ill ....... the film
while for during
Q56 - The play starts ..... half past seven
at on in
Q57 - The strike started .... the fifteenth of May
in on at
Q58 - More people have heart attacks ..... Monday morning than at any other time
on in at
Q59 - She got pregnant ....... eighteen
at in on
Q60 - The results come out .... July
on in at
Q61 - There is a public holiday ........ May the first
on in at
Q62 - I haven't seen her ..... the last meeting
for since by
Q63 - She was born ..... Christmas Eve
on at in
Q64 - The flower blossoms .... early April
on at in
Q65 - I didn't have a chance to speak ......... the meeting
during for while
Q66 - Traffic is terrible .... rush hour
in while until
Q67 - She left her job ....... August
in on at
Q68 - Her birthday is ..... a Tuesday this year
on at in
Q69 - We met ...... a foggy day in March
on at in
Q70 - Their car was broken into ..... Saturday night
in at on
Q71 - He worked there ...... two years
for since in
Q72 - The contract was signed ..... 1984
in on at
Q73 - They're leaving ...... June
on in at
Q74 - I was ill ...... a week
since while for
Q75 - I worked there ...... July till September
in to from
Q76 - He was born ..... 1968
in on at
1980, America, March, New York, summer, the morning
Sunday, Broadway, March 5th, Kernes Road, Christmas Day, 10th Street
9:00 a.m., 3125 Broadway, Christmas

I'll see them in two years.
I saw them two years ago.
I haven't seen them for two years.
on time (at the time arranged).
in time (not late).
above (: higher than) The bird flew above the trees. There is a monkey on the branch above you.
below (: lower than) We could see the valley below us. Just below the top of the wall there was a brick missing.
over (: vertically above)A sign hung over the inn door. He is holding an umbrella over his head.
under (: vertically below) There was a black spot under his left eye. We sheltered under the big tree.
beneath: beneath one's dignity, below average.
across (: from one side to the other): The little boy ran across the street.
between: John sat between his father and me.
among: You are only one among many who need help.
around - round: We sat around the table.
beside: John was sitting beside me.
besides: There were three others present at the meeting besides Mr. Day.
for: They set off for home. John left for Iceland yesterday.
in: The milk is in the jug. I poured the milk into the jug. He put his hand in(to) his pocket.
off: The pencil rolled off the desk. She cut a slice off the loaf. I saw the ship off the jetty.
except: All the pupils attended the meeting except Tony. You will fail unless you work harder.
till: He will be absent till January. We work from eight till six. Go straight in until you come to the post-office and then turn left.

A. Fill in (in, on, at, for):
1. Friday we always go to the supermarket. 2. The days are short December. 3. He ran one hundred metres thirteen seconds. 4. My birthday is May 21st. 5-6. They arrived London thirteen years . 7. He has been working six hours. 8-10. He came Monday ten o'clock the morning. 11-12. Meet me noon Thursday. 13. What are you doing Christmas Day? 14. Will you be home time to see the children before they go to bed?

B. Fill in (above, across, below, behind, in, on, through, over, under):
15. The ship is going the bridge. 16. The aeroplane flew the house. 17. There are many bridges the Thames. 18-19. Can you push it the keyhole or the door? 20. Your composition was average. 21. The thief hid the table. 22. We saw tiny houses us in the valley. 23. Airliners fly the Atlantic every day. 24. There are some deep scratches his chest. 25. The dog took the bone and buried it the ground.

C. Fill in (among, around, beside(s), between, by, in, near):
26. Sunday comes Saturday and Monday. 27. This is a secret you and me. 28. I found your pipe. It was those things on the table. 29-31. We must choose a holiday the country and one the sea. 32. Many people stood the injured man. 33. I was sitting my two sisters when the bell rang. 34. The earth goes the sun. 35. Looking up, I saw a man standing me. 36. He saw a grocer's shop the street. 37. The news soon travelled the world.

D. Fill in (along, at, by, except, for, from, in, into, of, off, on, out of, over, till, to, towards, until):
38. I shall not hear from him tomorrow. 39. George has left Scotland. 40. The car came me. 41. Betty has just gone the kitchen. 42. He is very fond dogs. 43-46. He walked the door, but fell a chair the way the room. 47. I go to school every day Sunday. 48-49. Once the door, the thief took his mask. 50. They heard the news the radio. 51. He explained the rules the children. 52. She knocked the door. 53. You are sitting chairs. 54. They arrived Laugarvatn two days ago. 55. He borrowed £5 me. 56. Is your watch made gold? 57. I prefer milk coffee. 58. He succeeded climbing the mountain. 59. They go to work bus. 60. There are many tall trees the road to the village. 61. I shall have finished next Friday.