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Holidays of my dreams

It will all begin on the airport where my friend and me will get on board of a first class plane to Africa.

Our first stop will be in Egypt. There we will visit some of the great pyramids and search them through. Who knows, although it is very improbable, maybe we will find a secret entrance to a treasure room or something like that. If we would sell the treasure to archeologists, we would have enough money to travel to any place on the Earth.

Before leaving Africa we will also visit several reservations where we will watch wild animals such as elephants, lions, zebras, antelopes, parrots and crocodiles.

From Africa we will travel by boat. On our way through Pacific Ocean we will make a stop near some uninhabited exotic island. There we will dive and explore lovely, colourful underwater life.

After that we will finally arrive to Australia. The first week we will just lie on the beach. We will sunbathe and swim in crystal clear, blue water.

After such a long rest we will set on a long trip. We will hire a jeep and buy enough water, food and fuel. We will try to see as much from Australian flora and fauna as possible. We will also try to get to some of the most interesting places such as Ayer’s Rock. It will probably take about twenty days but it we will surely be worth it.

When we will return to our hotel, we will view photos of kangaroos, koalas, emus and other specific Australian animals. But by that time our holidays will almost end so we will have to continue our travels.

We will shortly visit nearby New Zealand where we will admire wonderful waterfalls and hot streams.

On the way home we will make our last stop in China because we want to see pandas, tigers and the famous Great Wall, the only structure on the Earth which can be visible from outer space.
And my dream holidays will be over. It is not possible to do anything more in two months. And it is really pity that I do not have enough money to do such trip because I really love animals and nature and I would be really happy to see as many of them as possible.

Travellers tales

NSW - Terrigal and other places
From: The National Health Service in Scotland
In Britain, I live a reasonable life. In Australia I lived a life of my dreams for a year.
I lived in Terrigal a beautiful beach town one hour from Sydney, and owned a surf board. I would wake up on a morning off and if the surf looked good from my balcony, would call my surf buddy, Susan, a colleague. Barefoot, with little more than my purse, keys and board, I would walk 4 mins down hill and meet at the beach. 2 - 3 hrs later and thoroughly exhilarated we would lunch at one of many lovely cafes and often accompanied by fresh-squeezed juice - orange, carrot and ginger being the best I found.

Really sporty people find adventure sports wherever they are, but people like me who can go months without exerting themselves, but love it when they do will get so much from Oz. Activity and the outdoors are on your doorstep from the minute your plane lands.

I was told by an enthusiastic new friend soon after my arrival in Oz that the best things he'd done were:



I agree with him that these are fantastic places to go. I had 3 wonderful holidays during my year of work:-

1/ Up the east coast, starting with the Whitsundays, 3 days on the SOLWAY LASS with SOUTHERN CROSS COMPANY. Moving on to Cairns and from there spending a day out at sea scuba diving with the biggest and most colourful fish I have ever seen. You must see the size of the mowri wrasse. It is awesome. A day in the Atherton tablelands where with ON THE WALLABY backpacker lodge I saw DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS in the wild! And a day up to Cape Tribulation, the beach which is framed by tumbling green jungle. For a backpacker lodge in Cairns you cannot beat TROPIC DAYS for comfort homeliness and helping you find the best days out.

2/Through the 'Red Centre' of Ayers Rock (ULURU), The Olgas and the Kings Canyon, and up to Kakadu National Park via hot humid Darwin. This was a HOT HOT trip excepting the ice cold night in swags (sleeping bags in a canvas foam lined bag) at Ayers Rock area. Kakadu is the land of crocodiles and wonderful lakes and rivers to swim in. It has to be seen. It is awesome. As are lots of the other nat parks there I have been told.

3/Victoria and a quick dash into South Australia for wine tasting. Melbourne was OK but sea lovers will prefer Sydney any day. I went inland in Victoria and experienced the bush. Beautiful, desolate and full of kangaroo herds jumping and jumping into the distance. The Great Ocean Road is a short scenic drive which you should allow a day for, and enjoy the

magnificent site of the 12 Apostles, stacks jutting from the ocean. Further up coast I joined a group galloping along a long golden sand beach, the horses running through the breaking waves. Here too I saw koalas in the wild. I was amazed by new and different wildlife wherever I went, but even so I was taken aback to find a baby penguin on the beach!

Holidays aside, my one year in New South Wales was a dream year of wonderful sunsets daily, weekends in Sydney, and road trips to a host of idyllic/active/fun places. Even in my flat which I shared with 3 Dr colleagues I only had to glance out the window to admire the most beautiful beach, and perhaps see a rainbow coloured parrot perching on my surf board!

It is 9 months since I left and I yearn for that country of beauty and outdoor exhilaration. You MUST visit. There is something for everyone and it is more than I had dared hope it would be.